10 reasons why your business needs a website

What are the first 5 things you do when you first learn of a brand or a product? –make a list of five things you do before you continue reading.

It is likely searching details of that product online is on your list. And if it is not in your list, may I inform you, it is top on the list of your customers and consumers of your product or services.

There are few things more important than a website for any business. It doesn’t matter if you own a startup, growing or a large business, you either own a website or pack up shop. And in this article, we’ll show you 10 reasons why you compulsorily need a website.

10 reasons your business needs a website

1.- Your customers expect you to.

One of the first things potential customers do when they hear of a brand, product or service provider is to check up on the brands’ website. Imagine if the brand doesn’t have a website, it is a sign of “a lack of seriousness” and the potential customer will switch their possible loyalty to another brand.

Every customer expects you to have a website. It is from the website they expect to see the first few information they want to know about you. It may be your contact, or social handle, or prove you have those products or render the service. Of course, you may argue this information is on your profile on social media, but you don’t own the social media (even if the profile is yours), your website remains your identity online.

2.- Reach a wider audience.

With your website, you can reach a wider audience. Even if you are involved in TV or radio advertising, you’d agree not everyone will be reached by the television, not everyone has time for television or listens to radio these days. TV reception is rarely global. But the reach of your website is global –limitless. So to serve the widest audience, you need your website.

3.- It acts as a portfolio for your business.

How do you show your new, potential or existing clients what you’re capable of doing? Your website can serve as a portfolio for your business. With it, you show your new or potential clients what you have done, and any innovation involving your latest techniques or discovery.

Before some clients hire your services, they want to know where and with who you’ve worked in the past. And that information can simply be displayed on your website.

4.- A website improves your business accessibility.

Sometimes, your clients just want to reach you urgently, but cannot or do not know how to, it may be during weekends or after business hours. A visit to your website and they’d see your email and phone details –boom, you got a client for life. Customers love it when a business has set up mechanisms to help them, this endears you and makes these customers loyal to you.

Also, anyone can reach you whenever and wherever they are. The accessibility a website gives you is priceless.

5.- Keeps your customers informed.

Yes, you send emails, and social media posts, but not all of your customers are going to open their emails or visit Facebook or Twitter. What if the mail lands in their spam folder or they just miss it somehow? Your website is the ‘go-to’ place for every information they need about you and your services.

With your website, you can publicize any information and keep it there for as long as you want.

6.- Free search engine traffic.

There is no way to enjoy the power and free traffic from the search engines if you do not have a website. You’re simply leaving a lot of money on the table if you don’t have a website. There are so many sales and leads driven through the search engines and you don’t want to miss them. A lot of customers search right immediately they want to make their purchase, and you’d be losing out if you don’t have a website because they won’t be buying from you –since they don’t know you.

7.- Helps drive sales.

There is no gainsaying that you can accept payments, orders or collect emails through your website. The biggest of businesses today accept online payments or collect emails, which allows them to make sales as soon as the potential customer decides to buy (before they change their mind).

Most often, when customers decide to buy a product or service, they need to make payments immediately, else they’d decide against it the next minute or even buy from a competitor.

8.- A website provides social proof.

With your website, you can collect reviews, showcase your previous work, what other clients thinks of you, where you’ve been featured, etc.

Ninety percent (90%) of internet buyers says online reviews influences their purchase decisions. Of course, you may argue that Yelp, trust pilot and others can collect reviews for you, but none of these platforms belong to you. So, by owning a website, you’re killing multiple birds with one stone. Mind you, your website is yours forever.



9.- A website improves customer service.

Your website helps your customer service serve your clients even better. On your website, your clients can learn of the frequently asked questions (FAQ) and get clarifications if they’re confused about something.

You can share tips and tricks which may be of help to users of your products, you get feedback through comments and emails, and you may even take queries through your website. This helps your customer service serve even efficiently.

Some brands are even reducing the number of employees on their customer service team since their chatbots help their customers through their website, takes orders, accept payments, and send invoices, feedback, etc. so it doesn’t only help improve efficiency, it also helps cut cost.

10.- You own your website –forever.

This goes without saying. We have heard of sad events where some business page on Facebook were deleted or unpublished. Such business will not only lose clients, but they’d also be starting all over again. With your website, no one decides to shut you out or send you out of business, you are in control of your fate.

So, is there still a reason you think your business doesn’t need a website –and by the way, why don’t your business have a website yet? Let us know in the comment section below.

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